CW Home Depot Holds Two Halloween Events for Architects and Homeowners


Architects, customers, clients, and even employees all had a double whammy Halloween treat
from CW Home Depot when its Ortigas Branch sponsors the United Architects of the Philippines
(UAP) Quezon City Chapter’s Halloween Party which coincides with the store’s annual Scariest
Halloween Costume Competition last October 28.

CW Home Depot once again shocked and scared the customers and clients with the whole
store gloomed-up for a day. Customers were greeted with merchandisers who were literally
dressed to kill. Sections of the Operations team of CW Home Depot fought neck to neck with
each other as they vie to be the scariest of them all. The electrical section was turned into a
haunted house, woods section into a devil’s lair, building and hardware section into a “sukob”
booth and the DIY section into a cryptic house of the damned. This competition is one of Home
Depot’s much-awaited annual events as customers and clients queue up to take photos of the
contestants every Halloween.

Along with the Scariest Halloween Costume Competition, CW Home Depot kicks off its UAP
Adopt-A-Chapter Program as it hosts this year’s Q.C. Chapter’s Good and Evil Halloween Party.
About 80 architects gathered at CWHome Depot with their pumpkins and Halloween costumes
as they played Trick or Treat around the store. After circling the whole area, the UAP Q.C
architects had a night they would not dare forget as they partied with fellow architects in their
victors and villains costumes while being showered with food, music, fun, games and awesome
goodies. One of the special guests of the event was Ana Mangalino S. Ling, Past UAP National
President. UAP-Q.C. is one among the many UAP Chapters that The Home Depot is supporting.

Among the prizes given away are brands like Roca, Cool, Hunter, Megaman, Wiha, Prosafe,
Brad Sink and Markslojd- all exclusive brands of CW Home Depot.

For updates on Home Depot activities and events, you can visit CW Home Depot official
Facebook page or log on to www.

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