CW Home Depot Pampanga Spends a Day with Indigent Children

For the second year now, merchandisers of CW Home Depot Pampanga hung their aprons for a day to spend time with the students of San Jose Day Care in Pampanga. It was a year ago when the merchandisers of CW Home Depot Pampanga took the initiative to launch the “OK Mu Pesos Mu Campaign”. Starting July of every year, each merchandiser shares 2 pesos a day to accumulate funds so that they can throw the indigent children of San Jose Day Care a simple Christmas Party filled with love and sharing. About 50 day care students were enjoined by CW Home Depot as they celebrate their first Christmas Party as students. These children were considered by the Department of Social Welfare and Development as the most indigent among their cluster.

The merchandisers of CW Home Depot Pampanga were able to shower these kids with prizes, school supplies, slippers, and other gifts. All their efforts were returned just right after they saw the smiles on the faces of these children who couldn’t have had a Christmas Party without their help. CW Home Depot Pampanga Children’s Day is among the many programs CW Home Depot by CW Group fulfilling their Corporate Social Responsibility. CW Home Depot is a joint venture of Cebu Oversea Hardware Co. Inc. and West Point Industrial Co., it has 5 existing outlets around Luzon; the branches are located at Ortigas, Alabang, Manila Bay, Balintawak and Pampanga and another one opening in Makati in early 2011.

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