CW Home Depot Supports Charity Project of UAP Manila Sampaloc Chapter

In the spirit of Christmas, employees of CW Home Depot supported United Architects of the Philippines Sampaloc Chapter as it celebrates Christmas with the indigent children of Manila Day Care Center n Barangay 503 – Zone 50, Sampaloc Manila. The day care center has been part of the demolition of obstructing structures in Manila about three years ago and was just re-established on a private land through the combined efforts of its teachers, parents, officers, and some local officials.

CW Home Depot worked hand in hand with UAP Sampaloc chapter as they launched their first ever Christmas Party with the less fortunate pre-school children of Manila Day Care Center as it put its foot forward towards fulfilling their social responsibility. CW Home Depot Ortigas Branch placed empty Christmas boxes on its offices for a week
and its employees filled the boxes with candies, snacks and other goodies. CW Home Depot Merchandisers even had their own contributions so they can share happiness to these kids for Christmas.

CW Home Depot is in full support to UAP Manila Sampaloc Chapter as they put their foot forward towards fulfilling their social responsibility. To know more about The Home Depot, its services, mactivities and events, you can visit CW Home Depot official Facebook page – or log on to www.

Arch. Jerry Valendez, Chapter President of UAP Sampaloc with a day care student, officers of Manila Day Care Center and CW Home Depot employees.


Goodie bags from CW Home Depot.


Arch. Jerry Valendez; Chapter President of UAP Sampaloc, CW Home Depot employees, Arch. Lolong Rejano; VP Programs and Development of UAP Sampaloc Chapter, Teacher Merly Palmores and Officers of Manila Day Care.

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