CW Home Depot Visa Card

In partnership with Union Bank CW Home Depot Visa Credit Card, a first of its kind in the building and construction industry.It offers year-Round 0% interest up to 12 months installment – and that’s not all, CW Home Depot Visa Credit Cardholders will only start to pay for their first monthly amortization 3 months after. Yes, it gives you 0% on the purchase and 0 payment on the first 3 months – a double zero treat! On specified promo periods, the Shop Now Pay Later treat will also be offered on straight charge transactions. This payment scheme will definitely provide a stretch and flexibility to contractors and architects.Other card features include:

1. Regular 0% on 3-24 months installment terms.

2. P500 CW Home Depot shopping voucher valid at any The Home Dept outlet

3. Rewards point for every P20 spend on the card anywhere which cardholders can redeem for CW Home Depot Gift Certificates, gas, dining and shopping vouchers.

And because it’s a UnionBank credit card, cardholders can enjoy other features such as an auto-charge facility, auto-insurance installment plan, discounts and freebies, on-the-go customer service with a 24-hr hotline, mobile and internet access to your account, facebook and tweeter, unlimited number of supplementary cards, numerous payment channels and flexible payment scheme and more.

So get your CW Home Depot Visa Credit Card for your home building needs without burning your budget. To apply, call 8418600 or visit your nearest CW Home Depot branch.

Option 1

Double Zero Deal- 0% on your purchase and 0 payment on the first 3 months! All Interest Free!

Option 2

Go for 0% Interest and Regular Installment Deals

Earn while you shop
Get a P500 Gift Certificate

*terms & condition apply.