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Tiling one’s home is considered synonymous with art. This allows an individual to express his preference in terms of color, design, texture and more. Choosing the right tiles for each room is as essential as deciding the home owner’s way of life. It mirrors the permanent mood the owner wants to feel when he enters this so-called sanctuary.

Several factors are to be considered when installing or replacing tiles at home. There goes the kind of tiles to be used – the wall and floor tiles and its composition. There are ceramic tiles which are light duty and for indoor use only, porcelain tiles for heavy duty and can either be used for indoor and outdoor. And lastly, the granite tiles, which is considered the most durable type; they are thicker than porcelain and can also be used for either indoor or outdoor.

Unparalleled convenience in shopping for tiles and other finishing and furnishing products is a guarantee when you visit CW Home Depot. Its unique store-within-store retail concept has been gaining recognition among home owners and builders alike. They offer diverse types of building, finishing and furnishing products to suit any taste and budget.

One of the unsurpassed earmarks of CW Home Depot is the wide array of exclusive premium brands they carry from countries like Spain, Italy, Sweden, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Vietnam and many others.

Two of those exclusive brands are White Horse and Taicera. These are quality tiles which made wonders as these are now being used in renowned shopping malls, restaurants, retail store, hotels, and business centers.

White Horse is a Malaysian brand that has filled several thousands of homes and architectures over the years. Prominent as one of the leading ceramic tile manufacturers in the Asia Pacific Region, White Horse has over 50 years of tile manufacturing experience and has established a brand of quality, perfection and innovation. White Horse introduced a breakthrough in tile making which is known as Nano Technology.

This innovation produces tiles with increased sheen and color, greater resistance to stains and heavy water absorption. White Horse is the only tile manufacturer in Malaysia capable of mass producing porcelain and ceramic tiles and accessories without compromising its refinement. It is certified by Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) and ISO: 13006: the standard for ceramic tiles, for consistent superior quality and reliability. White Horse also received accreditation of ISO: 9001 for the Quality Management System in its manufacturing and marketing arms. The greatly coveted SUPERBRANDS AWARD – recognized as the international benchmark for brand success, was also added to the many achievements of White Horse.

Taicera on the other hand is being manufactured from Vietnam with an approximate production of 12 million meters of tiles annually. An ISO:13006 accreditation recipient like White Horse, Taicera meets the ISO standard for its quality products. All Taicera tiles are imported in the Philippines and have also secured a PS Mark.

Exported to over 30 countries around the globe, Taicera boasts its high level of water absorption, hardness, strong resistance to scratches and superior strength against breakage. Taicera also uses Nano Technology to elevate even more the quality of tiles they produce.

White Horse and Taicera tiles come in exceptional array of designs and sizes with stunning finishing like satin, matte, rustic, polished, glossy, and glazed. With the excellent attributes of White Horse and Taicera, it is no wonder that they are the most indemand tiles in the industry today.

White Horse and Taicera are exclusively available at CW Home Depot. To see the actual tile galleries of White Horse and Taicera, you can visit CW Home Depot branches in Ortigas, Westgate-Alabang, Balintawak, Manila Bay and Pampanga. For more information on White Horse, Taicera and other tile products of CW Home Depot, visit their website at www.http://cwhomedepot.com.

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