40LX Ceiling Concealed Ducted Split by Carrier

A low profile casing on Carrier Model 40LX ceiling concealed ducted splits FCU’s make it ideal for above ceiling mounting. Typical applications include: retail fit-outs, lobbies, open plan offices and other installations where you want cooling to be felt and not seen. It can be matched with either 38ASB/38HDS air cooled condensing unit or 07KHP water cooled condensing unit.

Product Description

  • Direct driven 3 speed fan motor for quiet, flexible operation
  • Standard synthetic washable air filter
  • Easy access panels for servicing
  • Galvanized steel casing
  • Flare/welded connections for easy installation
  • Accurator expansion device (3 – 5 TR); TXV (7.5 – 10 TR)


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