A two-pack, air drying, chemically-cured coating system developed to protect floors of aggressive, polluted environments. Such advantages are particularly important on floors of industrial plants, warehouses, and other commercial establishments for lasting protection and for improving hygiene and appearance.

Product Description

Main Feature

Outstanding weather stability.
Optimum chemical and mechanical properties.
High water-penetration resistance.
Superb aesthetic value.
Protection against carbonation.



: Glossy
Color : 8 standard colors, other colors per request
KF-00 White, KF-30 Spanish Green, KF-61 Velvet Gray
KF-10 Tile Red, KF-40 Marking Yellow, KF-90 Sand Beige
KF-21 Crysta,l Blue KF-60 Black
Theoretical Coverage : 20-25 m²/4 liter/coat
Drying Time @ 28°C : Dry to touch in 8 hours. Re-coatable between 5-24 hours in normal drying conditions
Pack Size : 4 liter can set
Shelf Life : One year when stored in dry cool conditions, out of direct sunlight.


Apply by brush, roller or spray

Mixing Direction : Stir both components well before mixing. Add catalyst to base and mix slowly but thoroughly for 10 minutes, then leave to stand for another 10 minutes before application. It is better to transfer contents to a bigger container for easy mixing.
Pot Life @ 28°C : 6 to 8 hours
Thinner / Clean-up : DAVIES PU-75 Keramifloor Reducer

Painting System

Concrete Surfaces

1. Apply one coat of Davies Eposeal by brush or roller and let dry for 5-24 hours.
Option 1 Plain Finish without aggregates
Proceed to Step 2 & 3
Option 2 Non-Skid Finish
Broadcast aggregates on still wet Eposeal at 1 kilo/m2 and let it dry overnight.
When dry, dust-off excess aggregates. Then proceed to step 3.
2. When necessary, putty hollow surfaces with DAVIES Epopatch Epoxy Patching Compound.
3. Finish with one coat of DAVIES KERAMIFLOOR by brush or roller. (By brush is preferred for Non-skid Finish). Let dry overnight.

Steel Surfaces

1. Apply one coat of DAVIES Epoxy Primer by brush or roller and let it dry.
2. Finish with one coat of DAVIES KERAMIFLOOR by brush or roller. Let dry overnight.


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