Water Cooled Condensing Unit (07KHP) by Carrier

In buildings where a central supply of condenser water is available, you can match any of Carrier's Duct Free Split fan coil units with 07KHP split water cooled condensing units. It can be matched with Carrier hi-walls, slimpacs, underceiling/console, cassettes or even ceiling ducted units. Water cooled condensers offer flexibility in location since it is smaller than a conventional air cooled condenser and does not need an external balcony or wall to install.

Product Description

  • Rotary compressors (1 – 3 TR)
  • Scroll compressors (5 & 7.5 TR)
  • Brazed plate heat exchanger
  • High & low pressure protection
  • Access panels on casing
  • Suitable for ceiling hung or floor installation


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